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Made in Kyoto

SHOT MODE products are manufactured by Nissha Co., Ltd. in Kyoto, Japan founded in 1929, using high-precision molding and laminating technologies.

Nissha’s core technologies and expertise, together with careful dermatological research, has given birth to SHOT MODE.

Our Contacts

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Our Team

Kanji Takada, Ph.D, Pharm. D.

In 2006, during his tenure as a professor of Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, he first in the world presented the manufacturing method of dissolving microneedles at the annual meeting of Japan DDS Society.

President of BioSerenTach Co., Ltd.  

Kanji Takada

Prof. Atsushi Sakuma, Dr. Eng.

An authority in the mechanical analysis of softness, and he is analyzing the mechanical effects of NISSHA microneedles on the skin by the technology of numerical simulation.

Atsushi Sakuma

Nissha Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1929, it has been based in Kyoto. With the high-precision molding technology cultivated over many years, we succeeded in forming microneedles with a high density of 400 needles / ㎠.

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